Pumpkin Patch Truck Unloading – Volunteers Needed

Come help us unload the pumpkins –

  • Friday, Oct. 6th at 9am*
  • Saturday, October 13th at 11am*

Refreshments provided.

*Slight possibility delivery date may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Pumpkin Patch Unloading Volunteers – These volunteers help make filling the patch with thousands of pumpkins and gourds a success by participating in the unloading of the delivery truck.

Pumpkin Patch Service Tent – Two volunteers will staff the Pumpkin Patch Service Tent in three-hour shifts daily, October 10-31.

Planning Committee – This group of volunteers help us to plan fun events and other details that make our Pumpkin Patch a success.

Quality Control Committee – The Pumpkin Patch Quality Control volunteers help make the event a success by keeping the Pumpkin Patch looking good!

Field Trip Leaders – The Pumpkin Patch field trip volunteer leaders help lead field trips with day cares, schools and other youth organizations.

Would you like to volunteer, or have questions? Pumpkin Patch Volunteer Coordinator