Lewiston First United Methodist Church presents the fourth annual Pumpkin Patch taking place on the front lawn October 15-31.  The 50-minute field trips will include a scavenger hunt, story time and songs.  Due to limited availability, groups interested in field trips should make their requests by Saturday, September 30.  Please call or visit our website for more details.  For more information or to schedule a field trip visit our website at www.pumpkinpatchlcv.org or call 208.792.7568.

The patch will featuring thousands of pumpkins of all sizes, gourds, corn stalks, and more!  There will be activities, games, and photo opportunities for people of all ages.  Proceeds from the event will support the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering at home and around the globe.

Lewiston First United Methodist Church is located at 1906 Broadview Drive, Lewiston, ID (turn right three blocks south of 16th Avenue on 13th Street).  For more, follow us on Facebook.

Field Trip Curriculum & Fees

Below is our fee structure for school/youth visits to the Pumpkin Patch.  2015-10-12-11-12-50

  • Package A: 30 minute visit with story and songs- FREE

  • Package B: 50 minute visit with story, songs, activity, and snack – $3.00 per child; snack can be substituted for a mini pumpkin. You may bring your own snacks to the Pumpkin Patch

  • Package C: 50 minute visit with story, songs, activity, snack and small (softball size) pumpkin – $4.00 per child.

FREE GIANT class or school pumpkin when you email a photo and testimonial from your trip last year
CHANCE FOR FREE FIELD TRIP next year when you register for your field trip this year by 9/30.

Dates Available-space is limited.

Field trip confirmation deadline  Saturday, September 30th


Monday, October 16
10 am – Little Joes Wee Care- TEACHER DEB (Package C)
10:30 AM am – Little Bunny’s Live and Learn (Package A)
2:00 pm – Open

Tuesday, October 17
10 am – Grace Lutheran Pre-School- TEACHER DEB (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
2:00 pm – Open

Wednesday, October 18
9 am Grace Lutheran Pre-School- TEACHER DEB (Package C)
10 am – Cornerstone  Kindergarten- TEACHER DEB (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
2:00 pm – Open

Thursday, October 19
8:30 am – Tiny Toes Play & Learn Center- TEACHER DEB COTTIE & DEB (Package C)
10 am – All Saints Pre-K- Teacher Deb (Package C)
11:30 am – LHS Special Needs Class (Package A)
2:00 pm – Open

Friday, October 20
10 am – Holy Family Pre-K- TEACHER SYDNEY & DEB (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
2:00 pm – Children’s House Montessori School- Kindergarten- TEACHER COTTIE (Package C)


Monday, October 23
10:00 am- Tendercare Pre-K/Clarkston Heights NO TEACHER (Package A)
10 am – Trinity Lutheran Pre-K TEACHER DEB & COTTIE (Package B w/pumpkin no snack)
11:00 am – McSorley Elementary- Kindergarten AM  TEACHER COTTIE (Package B w/pumpkin no snack)
2:00 pm – McSorley Elementary- Kindergarten PM TEACHER COTTIE (Package B w/pumpkin no snack)

Tuesday, October 24
10 am – Fingerprints Pre-K TEACHER DEB (Package C)
11 am – Tendercare/Pre-K Clk.  TEACHER LIZ (Package C)

1:00 pm – Tendercare/Pre-K Clk. TEACHER DEB (Package C)

Wednesday, October 25
10 am – Fingerprints Kindergarten AM TEACHER DEB (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
2:00 pm – Fingerprints Kindergarten PM TEACHER REGAN (Package C)

Thursday, October 26
9:10 am – The Julibee Academy – AM PreK TEACHER DEB ( Package C) 
10 am – TC Kids’ Club (Fair)/AM PreK TEACHER REGAN (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
1:00 pm – TC Kids’ Club (Fair)/PM PreK (Package C)
2:00 pm – The Julibee Academy – PM PreK (Package C)

Friday, October 27
10 am – Tendercare PreK/Lewiston (Package C)
11:30 am – Tendercare PreK/Lewiston (Package C)
2:00 pm – Tendercare PreK/Lewiston-  TEACHER JOSLYNN (Package C)


Monday, October 30
9:30 am – VBGC Lewiston/AM Kindergarten (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
1:00 pm – VBGC Lewiston/PM Kindergarten- TEACHER JOSLYNN (Package C)

Tuesday, October 31
10 am – Impressions/Clarkston (Package C)
11:30 am – Open
2:00 pm – Open

How to Schedule Your Field Trip

Please include the information below to reserve your field trip  or submit questions to djsnyder83501@gmail.com or call 208.792.7568.

  • field trip day requested
  • field trip time requested
  • number of students and adult
  • age of students
  • payment method

Deb Snyder, Pumpkin Patch Coordinator