Over 2,000 adults and children come to the L-C Valley Pumpkin Patch each year. We could not do this without our sponsors! Thank you for your consideration.  If you are interested in becoming a 2021 Pumpkin Patch Sponsor, please fill-out the form below.

PRE-EVENT RECOGNITION Event Field Trip Story Time Media Photo
Website Presence with Hyperlinked logo- primary*

*We have a substantial marketing budget for advertising on Google this year and look forward to increased exposure for our sponsors!

Website Presence- secondary   X X X  
Social Media Promotion (Facebook, Instagram) X X X X  
Email Blasts- primary/secondary X X X X  
T-Shirts with your logo, available at cost, for employees (optional) X X X X  
30-sec ads on local stations X        
Print/online ads in Lewiston Tribune X        
Home and Harvest Magazine Sept/Oct ad 10K distribution X        
Visit from Pumpkin Patch mascot at place of business (optional) X X X    
Event Flyers/Posters- primary/secondary logo placement X X X    
Logo on Event Sponsor Banner X        
Logo Throughout Festival Area X        
Vendor Booth (optional) X        
Logo on Event Front of Event T-Shirt X        
Logo on Designated Sponsor Sign X X X X X
Website Donor Listing w/hyperlink for 1 year X        
Social Media Thank you (Facebook, Instagram) 2K plus X X X X X
Thank you Email blast- primary/secondary X X X X X